Grandfather Clocks

What is a grandfather clock?

A timepiece? A decoration? A conversation starter? It’s all of those things to be sure, but most importantly it is an heirloom. A grandfather clock is something you and your family will treasure for generations to come.

We have chosen to feature clocks by Howard Miller for that very reason. The movements are the standard by which all other clocks are measured; the finish is the finest in the industry. Because each one is constructed with a special structural cross-member, you cannot twist or bend a Howard Miller clock.

Construction and Finish

The construction of any quality piece of furniture largely depends on the joints, which is why Howard Miller uses more than 30 screws and 45 dowels to construct each clock. Plus, every clock is built from select hard woods here is the United States, in Zeeland, Michigan. Having one of the finest finishes in the furniture industry is another key feature of Howard Miller clocks. They use a multi-step process that includes staining, sealer, sanding, glazing, highlighting and multiple coats of lacquer. They then complete the process with a hand-rubbing wash and polish. Simply put, their clocks have an heirloom finish that will last for generations.

The Sounds of Time

The deep melodious chimes of a clock add golden beauty to daylight hours and solace and comfort to an evening. A chiming clock can give your home its voice. There are numerous chimes to choose from including Westminster, Ave Maria, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Ode to Joy and more.

Don’t Let its Size Intimidate You

It is easy to set your grandfather clock. Complete instructions are included with each clock. A video with easy-to-follow instructions is also available. But best of all, we offer free delivery and set-up in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Contact us for more details.

If you have always wanted a grandfather clock …

Visit our store for a full demonstration. Words cannot describe the beauty and presence a Howard Miller timepiece will bring to your home. It’s not just a clock; it’s an heirloom.
If you are interested in seeing the full line of Howard Miller clocks, please visit their website at Howard Miller.

Grandfather Clock